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October 25, 2008


chantal du toit

Dear Lisa

I happened on this site. I am Jewish. I also have an invisible illness. Constant infections for five years. Constant pain. Often too weak to walk. In my religion we have an obligation to care for the sick, but people who look okay dont seem to qualify in my community any more than in your community! I have decided that G-d willing I should continue to recover I am perfectly suited to helping others in my community with similar illnesses, as are you in yours. We both know how much help and a willingness to listen is needed, and can provide that crucial support to others. I wish you well Lisa.

Beth Seagle

Lisa, a friend shared this link with me after I asked for prayer because I am lonely and feel forgotten. I also battle chronic illness and what you wrote I can relate to. The part about how it feels and wondering if anyone does understand. I didn't know anyone else thought those things. Thank you. I have been told I take things to personally but it is personal when you reach out and no one is there. You can know in your head that you are loved and cared for but sometimes a visit, phone call, or card is also needed. Thank you for being so honest and open you helped me so much. You are in my prayers.
Love In Christ

Roma Campbell

My Dear Lisa,
I have not been active in Rest Ministries until I recently got my computer fixed. I'm so sorry to learn that you are having so much physical trauma in your life.

I really appreciated your sincerity in sharing with us about all that has been happening to you. I know what it's like to need help and not be able to ask for help. I also know what it's like to ask for help and not get any help.

I am willing to try and learn ways to do something about these type of situations.
I know that many others really don't believe me when I tell them that I have all of the disabilities that I do have. That is why Rest Ministries is so special because in your groups, we can find what we
so desperately, acceptance, understanding and prayers.

I hope you will be feeling much better soon. You will be in my prayers. I do so much appreciate all that you do to share God's love.

In His Love,


Hi Lisa,
I, too struggle with Rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and membership in a 7000 member church.

It is very difficult, ten years into this journey, to ask for help. I find many strangers will meet me at my point of need as I hobble along from place to place. But it's frustrating to be in the place of constant need.

I'm 45 years old and married with an adult son. Facing hip replacements, elbow replacements and heaven knows what else before the insurance and/or the 23 year marriage runs out...

Its been refreshing and validating to read your story. It makes me feel that I am not alone in this world of meds, treatments, visits, xrays, forms; way outside the fast paced multitasking superpeople place I lived in until the late 90's...

Jenni Saake - InfertilityMom

Precious Lisa, thank you for being transparent. {{{hugs}}} I'm so sorry you are hurting (in every aspect) and I feel validated to know I'm not the only one who get scholded by a 5-year-old for loosing my temper or set to rest by my son! ;)
You have been on my heart and in my prayers, but I too have been guilty of not acting on those promtings to do something tangible to let you know that, not even an email. :( So please forgive me for not listening to the promtings of the Holy Spirit and reaching out to you when He put you on my heart. Know you are loved. {{{hugs}}}


I'm sending gentle hugs, Lisa. I can relate so closely to what you are going through. I just wanted to say that when you don't ask for help, you are denying the chance for others to use their gift of serving others which is pleasing to the Lord. I know it's hard to get rejection after rejection, and worse yet for people to not even show up, but there are some people out there who truly want, and try, to be God's faithful servants. I absolutely love Josh's costume! That's incredible that your husband made it. Now please think about asking for some help and then JUST REST. So many people love you! Doris

The Rev. Daniel Beegan

Dear Lisa,

No, it's not easy and people rarely seem to know how sick we really are. I just found out I have pulmonary hypertension and congestive heart failure, but I have gotten no sympathy except from my doctors. On top of that, pneumonia hit, but it was bacterial and antibiotics knocked it out.

Lisa, you are in my prayers. Concentrate on getting well.

Remember God loves you and many of us are grateful for Rest Ministries.

Father Daniel

Jonnie Wright

Lisa, My heart hurts for you. I am so guilty of all those "friendly forgettings!" Where am I when a friend has an endoscopy, another has migraines + 2 kids, a third can't cook because her stove is broken? I think I fail my friends... but then I remember they choose to be my friends in spite of my own self-absorption.

Your tranparency makes me realize that I need to be there for my friends just as they are available for me. I need to be reminded of this a lot!



Thank you for your honesty. I know I feel this way so often, and sometimes when I read others blogs and it looks like they have super supportive spouses, families, churches, etc. . . I feel like something must be wrong with me. I am sorry that you are going through this, but it helps to know that even you have trouble getting the support the need, despite your knowledge, advocacy and all you have done to help others. I realize that doesn't feel good to you, but I think it brings up a greater truth that you alluded to. Those of us with chronic illness are given some sort of unknown, magical timetable by others to "get well" and when we don't meet it, many times we are ignored. I don't believe it is meant to be unkind, maybe it is fear on the part of others--this could happen to them, this could last this long, I don't have the answers either.

Please know you ARE being lifted up in prayer, by myself and so many others, and as you said, God is in control. But that doesn't mean you can't feel let down, lonely and frustrated. Thank you for having the courage to share your true feelings, I think it is healing for you as well as for those of us reading this post.

I pray that you will recover completely from the staph infection and that your surgery will move ahead and be successful as well. In the meantime, I send you gently cyber hugs and prayers. My offer of long distance help with the business side of things still stands. I know it doesn't address the immediate needs you have, but I know God will find a way to help you through this.

Under His mercy,


Hi Lisa,
I know the Lord lead me here today, I have a sister who is going through the same Chronic illness as you are and with the RA and staph infections. Se has been going through so much and still has to work 8 hrs a day just for medical insurance. I also have a serious Chronic liver illness and I sometimes feel people don't understand that just because we look well on the outside doesn't mean we are well on the inside. I too have to go to work because of medical insurance. My sister and I encourage each other, pray for each other and I can relate to the church being one place you would think you could count on someone, but that is not always so. I pray my sister that you will be encouraged and uplifted in your spirit as the Lord comforts you and holds you ever so closely, never leaving you nor forsaking you. I too will keep you lifted in prayer. I have a site where I write poems and devotions please come and visit when you can and I will do the same.

Blessings Lorie

Sherrie Tate

Dear Lisa,
Thank you! Yes, I know it sounds crazy to have someone thanking you for your "sob" story, but I needed to hear it. I've been going through a similar experience for the last 8-9 weeks. Hearing that someone else has been experiencing something similar reminded me that although it may seem like it, I am not the only one dealing with chronic illnesses. It also helped to remind me that the One I need to turn to is always there. People are human and will let us down, our illnesses often make them uncomfortable and unsure so it's easier for them to tell us how "good" we look. And that's the last thing we need to hear when we need their help and don't know how to ask for it.
Thank you Lisa, for being willing to share with us, for Rest Ministries, Hope Keepers and the many ways you encourage us to encourage each other. You are a blessing to me and you are in my prayers.
With love in Him, Sherrie Tate

How to Cope with Pain

Yes, even helpers need reminders now and then :) Thanks for sharing your story and your humility.

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