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September 04, 2008


jason kenny

put some bird feed/ wildlife feeds outside your garden.

Bertha Carson-King

I am co-founder for Strong Women of Faith Breast Cancer Support Group, a faith based support Group for Women of Color who are most at risk for the disease and other chronic diseases. We are a volunteer, grassroots, self help group of women from all denominations who care about others who are hurting.

Each year we host an overnight conference for survivors and caregivers called "Help A Sistah Out! with awesome speakers and music. This year we will meet in Merrillville, Indiana on October 24-25. We also honor caregivers and survivors who give to so many despite their trials and tribulations. We invite you to participate as well as getting more information from you to share with women in our community.

Thank you for this opportunity to know more about your program.

Bertha Carson-King

Michele Williams

Great information Lisa! I just sent this link to some ministries here in Phoenix. God bless you.

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