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February 16, 2009


Ed Madara

Through a recent newspaper article, I know of one Christian support group for persons battling cancer. The founder, Valrie Toles, is willing to help others start similar mutual help Christian support groups if anyone is interested. She has named her group:
"Survivors International Support Services".

I regret I only have a snail mail address for her. Write her only if you are interested in possibly starting a similar group in your area of the country. Be sure to include an SASE. It's:
Valerie Toles
1178 Wooclhrest Dr.
Flint MI 48532

The article appeared in the "The Flint Journal." The title was:
"Faith-based cancer support group provides hope and guidance" “We believe in the Lord for healing” Article began...
"Valerie Toles has survived depression, on-the-job abuse, anxiety that landed her in the hospital for two days with heart problems and four operations for breast cancer."

Take care and hope,
- Ed

"There is a great potential for expanded development and promotion of self-help groups by clergy, congregational leaders, and religious organizations... which represents a special form of ministry that can help reduce human suffering, improve community mental health, transform persons with problems into help providers, and address the currently unmet needs of congregants, clients, and the community." - "Clergy and Self-Help Groups: Practical & Promising Relationships" by E. Madara & B. Peterson, Journal of Pastoral Care, XLI, 3, pp. 213-220, 1987.

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