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October 09, 2007


Jenni Saake

Lisa, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to read this, but I finally found this post tonight and realized that I would love to connect you with another dear friend of mine in Texas! (She is another beautiful, Christian, after-infertility mommy.) I never connected your story and hers until tonight, but her daughter is about six months older than your little guy and I'm almost positive is dealing with the same condition, though food isn't as big of an issue. She was the first to introduce me to the concept of "brushing" when she was here for a visit last summer. Email or call me directly if you would like to be put in touch. In the meantime I'm thrilled to read the progress update in the November newsletter!


Lisa, you have my heartfelt empathy and prayers. You have blessed so many people through Rest Ministries, now it is time for us to bless you back! Please know that you have my prayers and support. May God meet all your needs according to His riches in Glory! Hang in there - He is with you through all of this and He will NOT leave you!

Dana Moreno

Dear Lisa,

I keep a prayer list in my bible and pray everyday! I will add you and family to my prayer list. God bless you and your work.

hugs and prayers,


God Bless You Lisa for all you do for people with chronic illnesses. I'll be praying for you, your husband and your dear, sweet son. Your ministry is so important and is indeed a gift from God to me and so many others.

Please know that all your needs are in Jesus' loving hands and He will provide. Do what you must for your son and listen to what our Lord says is priority now, then all will fall into place.

And never be afraid to reach out to others for help! I'm here if you need me.

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