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October 23, 2007


Jennie Krogulski

Hi Lisa,

I am so glad to hear from you and know that all is well. My heart has been heavy and in prayer for all of you as you go through this.

I am praying especially for grace for you physically and that this stress won't cause you such difficult flare-ups.

Much love and gentle hugs...


Mary *Shep*

Lisa, We are praying for you across the country - as a group of believers who spend time at Rest Ministries together. We are grateful for this blog as it helps keep us in touch with how things are going for you.

Lord, I ask that you would be the Living Water to those who are being affected by this fire - I pray Lord, that through this tragedy, that You, the Living Water, will be poured out from the believers in this area who share the reason for the HOPE that remains within them - Jesus - bless and strengthen those children of yours to endure and emerge stronger on the other side of this tragic fire. Lord, bring comfort we pray and Lord, we ask for our dear friend, Lisa, Lord, please, spare their home and the homes of those around her. In your precious name we pray, Amen.

And please Lord, bless Josh in a special way during this time, help him to be well both physically and emotionally and help him to get the nutrition he needs.

Amen and amen.

Sharon Yocum

I'll so glad that you are safe.

Our whole valley is filled with smoke from the 2 fires burning in our local mountains. There have been over 160 houses burnt down in the Lake Arrowhead area and over 200 more in Running Spring/Grass Valley. All the schools are closed until further notice due to the smoke and threat of fire. The fires are kind of close. I live in Highland which is 20 mins drive for one and 1/2 for the other or about 10-12 miles. They are coming closer all the time. Where I live I am not in any danger from the fire, but my mom and dad's houses could be. This morning the smoke is so bad that the sky is brownish yellow; you can't even see any blue sky or the mountains and the sun is pinkish red.

Please pray for the firefighters. Our local ones were having trouble getting access to food and water yesterday as the support teams with those supplies were having problems getting to them as the roads are tiny one-lane through most of the area. My s-i-l talked with the wife of one and was told that in 14 hrs of working they hadn't had anything to eat.

On a personal note- my asthma is really bad from the smoke. I went and saw my allergist as even with my inhaler I couldn't breathe. He said that I wasn't very wheezy, but I wasn't moving any air. He gave me a breathing treatment and 2 shots of cortisone. I'm also on the prednisone pack for 6 days. I'll probably be using the nebulizer at home for the next few days as my inhaler isn't strong enough. So can you all remember to pray for everyone with health/breathing problems, thanks.


Know that the shareandprayer groups(from RestMin.)are praying for you as well as all effected by the fires.Side note:Having lived in Poway years ago,it's heartbreaking to hear of such destruction.Son's in-laws are in ElCajon,packed and ready to leave,if necessary.Stay safe Lisa,and take care of yourself.May God protect and have mercy.


Hi Lisa

this is Susan from Escondido...we too are under an evac...we are sitting here in a hotel in Santa Ana with our 2 far our home is ok....we pray for you and others that are affected by this horrible fire....

Blessings on your venture with Joni

Carlene Bean

Just a note to remind you that all of the gals at Splashes of Joy and SplashMods are sending tidal waves of prayers for you and your family and the entire CA fire area.

Diana Bailey

Lisa, I have my assignments from you packed in my car. Ready to flee if needed. I have two of my teen grandaughters here with me since my husband is still stuck in Florida with a torn retnia.

And our threat passed late yesterday afternoon....but I just woke up and the smoke is absolutely chocking.

What a thing. It is so utterly overwhelming emotionally and physically. I told my husband I have gone waaaay beyond a simple flare or stressed exhaustion.

Well Lord help our community rebuild and face the next several months of helping each other rebuild. Please God take care of all the stress and fears that swirl around the kids like the smoke and ash does in our air right now.

Diana Bailey

Martha Smith

Dear Lisa:
A short note to say that I have been praying along with 1000's of people for you
sweet sister. I have several friends in the area; in all parts of the area affected.
Yesterday, I received a report from my oncologist that I have the slow-growing carcinoid tumor (S) neuro-endocrine cancer.(not the fast-growing kind!)
Praise God. But I could hardly celebrate because of the pain that all of you are going through. So good to get these reports from you.
This a.m. it finally hit me; thank God I do not have the fast-growing cancer! Thank God for His daily miracles and mercy.
Thinking of you; Praising the Lord your home is still there. Just a note, to say,
I love you with the love of the Lord.

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